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PLC & DCS Programming

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Automation & Control Systems Integrators in Malaysia

We are leading Automation & Control Systems Integrators in Malaysia, At Ingress Malaysia we know PLCs and Control Systems. We have implemented hundreds of successful solutions on dozens of different platforms. We build well-designed and structured PLC code, appropriate for any factory. Our flexible systems are easy to understand, debug, and modify for future needs.

The Ingress Malaysia advantage is our experience; we know what works and we have a wealth of knowledge and reusable functions to draw upon. Additionally Ingress Malaysia understands modern PLC features such as integrated motion control and safety. We develop control systems for all applications: process control, manufacturing assembly, machining. Ingress Malaysia knows factory intelligence and communication.

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We can control your other devices (robots, vision cameras, drives, servos, HMIs) on any network: Profibus, Ethernet I/P, modbus. We will work on any PLC platform. Our diverse experience in a variety of industrial environments has allowed us to specialize in a wide range of PLC brands and platforms.

We strive to develop neither new application nor enhance the existing applications using the most advanced technologies and software tools available today. Our strict adherence to programming standards allows us to constantly evolve our applications in this ever changing market. Let our experienced engineers and programmers assist you with all your design and programming needs.

Siemens PLC Experts

Ingress Malaysia has successfully implemented hundreds of project solutions using Siemens PLCs. We have extensive experience with all aspects of the SIMATIC development environment. From beginning your project in whatever IEC 611313 coding platform fits, through the PLC-SIM simulator, and all the way to your factory floor, we have the experience to complete your project on time and on budget. Ingress Malaysia have extensive experience with the following PLC Products:

S7-300F (Safety/Failsafe)
S7-300T (Technology CPU)
S7-400H (Redundant/High Availability)
S5 & TI-505
WinAC – RTX (PC Based Control)
WinCC Flexible

We have a large library of reusable code established that we can bring to your project. Let us help you design your new system, upgrade your old system, or debug and maintain your current system

Our engineers are Siemens S7 Certified Programmer (Certified By SITRAIN Nunberg Germany ) & Profibus Certified Engineer (Certified By PROCENTEC Netherlands).

We Have Full Expertise In These Products For Design & Programming Complex Tasks:-

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Responsive imageSiemens Simotion Controller

Responsive imageMitsubishi Q-NA & Q PLC

Responsive imageMitsubishi FX PLC

Responsive imageVipa Series PLC

Responsive imageAllen-Bradley SLC500 PLC

Responsive imageAllen-Bradley MicroLogix

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